ArcadeOasis.Net is relaunched.

I’ve finally had the time and money to invest in getting back online.  First off, we are excited to be back and hope to have the site ready for an official launch around the middle of October.  Until then, we will be spending considerable time in configuring the main site and forums, as well as recruiting staff to oversee articles and the various day to day operation of the site.

The forums are also online and can be accessed by clicking the Forum link on the menu bar.  To combat forum spamming, I’m doing manual creation of forum accounts.  If you would like forum access, just click the Contact link on the menu bar and specify your email account, username preference and password preference.. and I will contact you to verify your email and then create your account.   It’s unfortunate that we have to do this, but the old forums had around 100 fake accounts generated per day.. even with email verification and captcha turned on.

Stay tuned for further information.


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