Commodore Pi

The Commodore Pi project is looking to develop a turn key solution for C64 emulation and interface on the humble Raspberry Pi platform.  The project is still in the early stages and is currently built around the Comeback 64 emulator.  They are seeking to achieve accurate emulation with options to increase the capabilities beyond the base C64 system.

Hopefully they will get somewhere with this project, as current C64 emulation on the RPi platform is a bit on the slow side..  I’d personally love a cycle perfect emulator with hardware access to C64 peripherals.

Here are a few of the design goals:

  • Fast boot up time – nearly instant on.
  • Output to HDMI and composite video sources.
  • GPIO pin connection to external devices (hooks via the kernal code).
  • Ethernet connection.
  • USB Connections.
  • Access to the full RAM of the Pi possibly via bank switching.
  • Multitasking by means of multiple emulation cores.
  • Modern graphics modes.

Visit the projects homepage.


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