RETRO: The Multi-Format, Throw-Back Video Game Magazine


WELCOME TO RETRODo you long for the great video gaming magazines from back in the day? Magazines with some heart and soul, and not all the big media fluff?  We thought so, and that is why video game auction site and the podcast are teaming up with some of the most popular and influential gaming journalists and personalities from the past three decades and introducing a new high quality, feature rich, video gaming magazine that will harken back to the amazing magazines from the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s.

Read about Mike Kennedy’s Kickstarter and pledge your $$$ here.


One thought on “RETRO: The Multi-Format, Throw-Back Video Game Magazine

  1. This looks like a nice retro mag. I have almost a complete run of Retro Games Magazine… and all of the special edition RETRO! compilations, and in my mind there is always room for one more publication. I’ll try to throw some backing behind this as well.. The guys from Retro Gaming Roundup are all very knowledgeable, so this should be a quality magazine.

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