ColecoVision Comeback?


Rantmedia Games is hoping to bring about the¬†return of the classic ColecoVision! Fully licensed and with loads of games. Bringing epic goodness to RETRO fans.¬† They’ve launched a Kickstarter and have things up and running.

Get Retrospective. ColecoVision is Back.

ColecoVision is a classic retro games console from the early 1980s. And we’re trying to bring it back! We’re planning on creating an app – as a starter on iOS, but if we get the backing also on Android, Mac, PC and Vita. Way more than just ‘an emulator’ we want to create something that showcases the ColecoVision, including:

  • Beautiful, graphical, intuitive user interface.
  • Competitive scoring.
  • Challenges.
  • Achievements.
  • Box art & instructions.
  • History of ColecoVisio.
  • Around 20 original fully licensed games and now homebrew titles too.

Read more about it here.


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